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The ultimate distribution platform.

Our platform gives you total control. Reach & engage your ideal audience, wherever they spend time on the web. Optimize bids, A/B test headlines and more, in real-time based on your KPIs.

Key Features + Benefits

  • Manage 25+ channels across all devices in one platform

  • Leverage our scale to find your ideal audience or let us match your data across social, native and content discovery outlets

  • Easily create headline and image variants to find the winning creative

  • Quickly adjust your budget as needed

  • Full dashboard to monitor performance across all channels

  • Real-time optimization based on performance and KPIs

  • Full transparency including site-level reporting

  • CPx- based pricing so you only pay for results

Content Dashboard DMA

"Our social engagement has gone through the roof since we began using PulsePoint's content solutions. I whole-heartedly recommend them."

Jim Sestito, Director, Event Marketing at DMA


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